Parallel Architects is an architecture & design studio based in Valletta, Malta. The studio was set up in 2013 and is led by two architects,  Elisa Fedeli from Milan, Italy and Edward Coppini from Malta.

The practice is driven by innovation and the endless pursuit of quality in design to create projects, which are highly sensitive, distinctive, poetic, and contemporary. We strive to create projects that conserve the identity of a place and enhance a sense of belonging. 

Every project is an exploration, going beyond the functional brief, creating a symbiosis of people, places, culture, economy and collaborative efforts of related disciplines.

The term ‘parallel’ emerged from our modus operandi and our believe that a great project is the result of a complex balance between the various components that shape our initial ideas.


The studio offers its clients a complete and integrated architectural & design service through which the project is designed and led by the architect. The studio is currently working on a number of new developments and fit out refurbishment's of offices, financial institutions, retail outlets, restaurants & cafes, hotels, villas, townhouses, single and multiple residential units both in Malta and Milan, Italy.


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